May you find the footings and foundations you need to build your loftiest aspirations, brick by brick, moment by moment, breath by breath, in this world. May you step into the version of yourself who knows how to call up all the treasures and allies and resources necessary to do this work. With fierce integrity and relentless clarity, may you craft a blueprint for how you will scale your personal mountains and build the epic temples only you can: a detailed concrete plan for bridging the gap between the heights of ambition and the solid ground of reality. And as you enact that plan, as you lay the groundwork for the life you hunger for, may you feel the solidity within you with each step you take, with each brick you set in place. May you draw strength and joy from the way your bones are mountains, the way your breath and limbs and heart are forever aligned in wholeness, the way your spine already stretches, a proud pillar, between earth and sky. May this inner solidity blossom out through the work that you do, the masterpieces you create, the excellence that you embody.