A Mindful Ecotherapy Group

Are you seeking more brilliance, joy, and warmth in your life? Struggling to let the light of compassion into the deep corners of your heart? Are you unsure how to embrace the beauty of summer in a world of ecological uncertainty and climate change? Yearning to step into a bigger, brighter version of yourself and shine with the sun?

Come explore these questions in an open-hearted, facilitated container. Join a circle of folks interested in listening to the gratitude and despair, the rage and love that arise when we root ourselves in our bodies on the Earth in this time. Held by the green space of Mt. Tabor, we will explore our experiences of relating with ourselves, each other, and the living web of the land. We will use these immediate experiences as a microcosm to reflect on broader patterns and to play with new possibilities.

All these explorations will be guided by our intention of attuning ourselves to the rhythms of the wild and blossoming with the spring. When needed, we will tend and examine our individual and cultural blockages around doing so, acknowledging the painful and knotty roots of our disconnection. Our toolkit will include somatic awareness, creative art expressions, mindful witnessing and engagement with nature, and co-created rituals. Together, we will step towards greater awareness and more vibrant aliveness, opening deeper into connection with the wild within and beyond us.

Ecotherapy is a healing modality that incorporates the traditional human guidance of a therapist with the deep, nourishing support of the natural world


Thursday evenings from 7 to 9pm, starting July 19th


Mt. Tabor Park, Meet at the Salmon Street Entrance just east of 60th Ave


The group costs $40 per 2 hour session. Payment can be made by cash or check. Some sliding scale spots are available.


River Fagan at (503) 917-4768 or

Call or email me to find out more information, ask questions, or to sign up for the group!