Welcome here.

My name is River Fagan. I offer mindful, holistic counseling for adults, adolescents, and couples.

I work with people who feel like they don’t belong. Together, we’ll find ways to reconnect you to your inner strengths and capacities, to community and nourishing relationships, and to the world at large.

There’s many reasons people might feel like misfits, weirdos, or exiles. Many of us can’t or won’t fit into our socially proscribed boxes. I have particular experience working with queer and non-binary folks, with people on the autism spectrum, with multiracial and/or bicultural folks, with creatives, innovators, and activists working on the edge of social change, and with survivors of trauma.

And I’m open to working with anyone who feels drawn to my approach, so feel free to reach out!

You can also read more about me or the services I offer.