My name is River Fagan. I hold a Master’s Degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis and Clark College. There, I learned how to incorporate my feminist values and passion for social justice with a strong foundation of research-informed counseling tools, principles, and practices.

I supplemented my education through trainings at M.E.T.A. (Mindful and Experiential Therapeutic Approaches) where I also completed a one-year internship. At M.E.T.A., I learned the power that mindful awareness can have in deepening our understandings of our patterns and experiences and in unlocking new perspectives and possibilities. More specifically, I learned about the Hakomi method, Recreation of the Self, and various strategies for facilitating insight, compassion, and transformation.

I have also completed a Certificate in Ecopsychology through Lewis and Clark. Ecopsychology explores the ways that ongoing ecological crises impact individual and familial wellness and also the resilience and healing power found through attending to our relationships with the natural world.

I find this perspective deeply inspiring, as it resonates with my own earth-based and polytheistic spiritual path. For me, counseling is a sacred calling. At the same time, I am deeply committed to understanding and respecting the worldviews of my clients of all religious and philosophical backgrounds, including atheist and agnostic folks. I care deeply about creating spaces in which  people can make their own choices and discover and enact their own dreams.

Currently, I am a registered intern with the State of Oregon, working under the clinical supervision of Donna Roy.