My spiritual consulting services are designed for people seeking personal growth, magical transformation, and deeper connection with the Divinities within and around all of us. My toolbox for this work includes spirit work, divination, guided visualizations, and co-created spells and rituals, and personalized prayers and blessings.

Within those possibilities, the work is highly customizable, depending on you and where you are currently in your life journey as well as your needs, dreams, and preferences. Spiritual consultations can be scheduled once, on an as needed basis, or in a consistent rhythm. For example, you might be interested in a one time Tarot reading with me or you might be seeking a longer term collaboration to discover and build relationships with your spirit allies or to heal an energetic wound.

It is important to be aware that my spiritual consulting work draws from a fundamentally magical worldview. As such, it is not intended to diagnose or treat any psychological condition or to serve as a replacement for mental health counseling

Additionally, while I am open to discussing the possibility of providing spiritual consulting services to anyone, in general I find that this work functions best with folks who share an earth-based and/or Pagan spiritual perspective or who feel some affinity or draw towards such approaches.

My work as a spiritual consultant draws from over a decade of experience as a Reclaiming Witch, a magical tradition that draws from feminist awareness, European Pagan traditions, and our own contemporary sacred inventiveness. I have facilitated magical workshops at Many Gods West, Faeposium, and the Tabor House Community. I also have been working with the Tarot for two decades, first as a self-taught seeker and then as a professional oracle. In my sacred healing work, I draw on my deep devotional relationships with Brigid and with Lilith.

Individual sessions with me are 60 minutes for a fee of $90. I offer a limited number of sliding scale spots for folks experiencing financial difficulty and/or sociopolitical marginalization. If you feel drawn to working with me and the stated fees would be a barrier to you, please contact me so we can discuss the availability of sliding scale spots.