Dragons have many faces. They exist beyond the edges of our known worlds, dancing in the untamed margins of our maps. Within us, they might show up as the versions of ourselves that seem monstrous to us, the wild, ferocious selves that could become powerful guardians and sources of deep wisdom if we learn to befriend them.

Dragons might also serve as figures of inspiration. As we navigate the storms and trials of life, as we choose to embark on journeys of change, there is much we could learn from dragons: To step bravely into the unknown. To inhale and exhale the flames of truth. To soar through the sky, higher than we dared to dream. To listen to the voices insisting that we are as worthy and sacred, as perfectly suited to this world as the trees and the stars. To witness the pulsing wisdom of our own bodies, our own landscapes. To fiercely protect natural vitality, within and beyond us.

All of us need support on such courageous journeys. I am here to serve as collaborator, witness, and guide as you discover the complexity and wonder of who you are, who you have been, and who you are becoming.